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Add Glass Block

Whether you have an existing home or you are building a new home, one of the most beautiful and eye catching additions you can add to your project is glass block.  Aside from the obvious color options, sizes, patterns and shapes of the block, other great features are revealed in having the blocks installed, including how strong the glass block is, how much light they provide, and the security of the glass block.    Impact resistant glass block can also lower the cost of insurance premiums and add an extra element of protection to your home.

Because glass block is part of division four, with concrete masonry units, brick and stone, you can be sure of the incredible strength of real glass block units when adding them to an exterior window of a home.  The strength comes from installing the block with support in every row, including channels and anchors.  Each glass block is 3/8 of an inch thick on each side, laid in a mortar or silicone which further adds to the durability of the glass block window or wall.  With standard sizing options being 8 inches, glass block sizes for non impact are every size within 2 inches, and with impact being available in 8 inch and 6 inch sizes.

Getting a permit to install glass block is simple, and is often a painless process.  Depending on your area, replacing an existing window with glass block, may not require a permit at all.  To add a new window of glass block, when a permit would be most likely required, is a simple application and most of the notice of approvals for top manufacturers can be found on the Glass Block Warehouse website (www.glassblockwarehouse.net) or callthe office at 772-781-2383, and have your email or fax number available.  Glass Block products are generally well accepted in the building industry for having a simple process during the permitting stages and for the added protection glass block brings to a structure, versus a standard window.  Architects will agree that adding glass block will provide a new level of elegance, light and strength to any structure, while providing a beautiful center piece to any window opening.  Glass Block is one product that offers just as much safety as it does beauty, which is something to remember when building a new home or adding to an existing home.

Impact vs. Non-impact

The fundamental differences between impact and non-impact is that the thickness of a non impact glass block is 3/8 of an inch where as an impact block is 3/4 of an inch thick.  Though the topic of insurance premium adjustments is a largely argued debate, it is recommended that you contact your home owner’s insurance company to ask if impact glass block will lower your premiums and how much.  The purpose of impact block is for the block to be able to survive hurricanes and strong storms without shutters, but, additionally, it is a block that is strong enough to be hit with a golf ball, base ball or accidental flying debris with little to no damage.  The drawbacks to impact block is that it only comes in two sizes, 8 inch or 6 inch, but these are standard sizes, which are ordered more frequently than a 4 inch or other size block, and only limited patterns are available for impact, including Wave, clear, and endura™ (See images below, mouse over image to see what pattern it is).

It should be noted that the life span of glass block is a difficult question to answer, but there are structures that were built in the thirties, with glass block, that are still fully intact and look great.  The absolute best part is that glass block requires little to no maintenance and look beautiful even ten to twenty years later.

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Design A Shower with Glass Block Warehouse

Redoing a bathroom?  Thinking of adding glass block to a new bathroom in your new or existing home?  No problem!  Glass Block Warehouse has a huge inventory of glass block from the most popular patterns to the hard to find, and of course the present trend of colored glass blocks.  The look of glass block in a bathroom adds a vivid light structure that gives your Florida home some style and makes your bathroom both inviting and gorgeous.  The light that comes through a regular window is not obscured and is often too much, hence the need for blinds, but glass block obscures the light in such a way that it is warm and controlled by the design of the glass brick.  The result of this light giving block is phenomenal and creates a whole new look within your bathroom.

Ways to Use Glass Block in your Bathroom

One way to add the light of Glass Block to your bathroom is to add a glass block wall.  This wall will barricade the water of the shower from coming out of the shower and soaking the floor, plus you can get very creative with the look of the wall as far as color, height and shape is concerned.

Another way to add glass block to a bathroom is to replace a window opening, or exterior opening, with one of the privacy glass blocks.  This will show your neighbors a beautiful window of patterned, elegant glass block while providing privacy to the bathroom occupant.

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