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Power Combo: Wedi & Glass Block

If you have not heard about the Wedi® System, then you are missing out on the most amazing insulation product out there today.  Glass Block Warehouse is a proud dealer of the Wedi® system and create beautiful custom designs out of the amazing technology of Wedi® combined with the light-filled elegance of glass block.  The Wedi® boards consist of three elements:

  • Core Foam (Polystyrene Styrofoam)
  • Glass Fiber Mesh
  • Cementitious based coating

Arguably the best shower pan system of the decade,with exciting features, including:

  • 100% waterproof due to XPS foam core
  • Easy & Fast Pan Installation
  • Integrated Drain

Although here at Glass Block Warehouse, we want to help you make your shower a Wedi® waterproof system and design the shower with Glass Block, Wedi® is also a great product for flooring systems and walls.  The stability of Wedi® systems will not degrade, deteriorate or rot and the item is dust free before, during and after installation.  This product has become very popular and easily attainable, not to mention that the price is Fabulous! Give Glass Block Warehouse a call to learn more or for a demonstration on the product at 772-781-2383.

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Wedi & Glass Block

The 100% Waterproof technology of Wedi®, combined with the glow and strength of glass block, really has become the power combo in shower systems.  Glass block is a wonderful way to enclose a shower because the structure of the block allows for little to no maintenance and can be shaped in many ways to fit a multitude of areas.  Some great benefits of using glass block and wedi® together include:

  • Many Color Options
  • Multiple Patterns (For Example: Decora, Wavy, Smooth, Satin)
  • Perfect fit to Wedi® shower pans
  • Strong support versus a glass panel or a shower curtain

See below how Wedi® are used together to make a great power combo for shower systems and call Glass Block Warehouse at 772-781-2383

The photo above provides a look of a shower system in our showroom that uses both the glass block and Wedi® board to provide a visual image of the products working with one another.  All finished showers generally use a tile or other material to cover the Wedi® board, but this image is strictly for informational purposes to show the products working together.