Stone Veneer

A very popular product of Glass Block Warehouse is the stacked stone veneer.  Working with all manufacturers, colors, shapes and sizes, Glass Block Warehouse has become the new source for Stone Veneer.

What is Stone Veneer?

Stone Veneer is a decorative or protective barrier that is placed over a wall that is structurally safe to hold the weight of the stone.   This product is generally about 1/2 inch up to about 4 inches plus thick.  The stone is made one of two ways, Natural Stone Veneer or Manufactured Stone Veneer.    Some other names of stone veneer are simulated stone, artificial stone, stacked stone and manufactured stone.

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Stone Veneer

Ways to Use Stone Veneer: Home Improvement Tips

Stone veneer is such a versatile product and can be used for many different types of jobs.  Some of the most common include:

Home Exterior:  Used to make a standard stucco home look more like a Tuscan Beauty with a Medditerian feel.  To see more pictures, Click here.

Fire place:  Around the fire place, it has become increasingly popular to find stone veneer on the wall from the floor to the ceiling.  This accents the fire place and adds an elegant charm.  To see more pictures, Click here.

Outdoor Kitchen:  If you like to host outdoor parties, add some detail to your outdoor patio with stone veneer on the outside of the outdoor kitchen.  To see more pictures, Click here.

Commercial Use:   Excentuate the inside of a restaurant, the outside of a plaza, or a custom wall for fitting rooms.  Be creative and think of how to make your business more appealing.  To see more photos, Click here.

Custom Stone Entryways:  Add some stone to your welcome post, community sign, mail box, or the columns at the front of the house.  There are so many ways to style the entrance of your home with stone. To see more photos, click here.

Patio and Landscape:  Add some stone to your pool area, or you garden to bring out the natural look of timeless beauty.  The stone really fits well in patios because a majority of the colors are very nature oriented.  To see more photos, click here.

Stone is a great product to add to a home to also improve the home’s worth because the product is strong and has a very pleasant look.  It has been proven that a large percentage of the home sales being made in this economy, have specialty items, such as Glass Block, Stone, or brick.  These products are in high demand right now. Home improvement is on everyone’s mind for the new year, and hopefully new market of home sales that is to come.

In a recent article by Real Estate Pro Articles, Mike Ciucci digs into the benefits of adding stone veneer to your home and says:

Surveys suggest that stone veneers can provide up to double the return for the investment.

For this reason people are getting in touch with local stone masons, architects are adding stone veneer to plans for new clients, and commerical real estate owners are investing in accenting their properties.  Even just a small amount of the product can make a world of difference, so call Glass Block Warehouse for Further details.  772-781-2383.

Power Combo: Wedi & Glass Block

If you have not heard about the Wedi® System, then you are missing out on the most amazing insulation product out there today.  Glass Block Warehouse is a proud dealer of the Wedi® system and create beautiful custom designs out of the amazing technology of Wedi® combined with the light-filled elegance of glass block.  The Wedi® boards consist of three elements:

  • Core Foam (Polystyrene Styrofoam)
  • Glass Fiber Mesh
  • Cementitious based coating

Arguably the best shower pan system of the decade,with exciting features, including:

  • 100% waterproof due to XPS foam core
  • Easy & Fast Pan Installation
  • Integrated Drain

Although here at Glass Block Warehouse, we want to help you make your shower a Wedi® waterproof system and design the shower with Glass Block, Wedi® is also a great product for flooring systems and walls.  The stability of Wedi® systems will not degrade, deteriorate or rot and the item is dust free before, during and after installation.  This product has become very popular and easily attainable, not to mention that the price is Fabulous! Give Glass Block Warehouse a call to learn more or for a demonstration on the product at 772-781-2383.

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Wedi & Glass Block

The 100% Waterproof technology of Wedi®, combined with the glow and strength of glass block, really has become the power combo in shower systems.  Glass block is a wonderful way to enclose a shower because the structure of the block allows for little to no maintenance and can be shaped in many ways to fit a multitude of areas.  Some great benefits of using glass block and wedi® together include:

  • Many Color Options
  • Multiple Patterns (For Example: Decora, Wavy, Smooth, Satin)
  • Perfect fit to Wedi® shower pans
  • Strong support versus a glass panel or a shower curtain

See below how Wedi® are used together to make a great power combo for shower systems and call Glass Block Warehouse at 772-781-2383

The photo above provides a look of a shower system in our showroom that uses both the glass block and Wedi® board to provide a visual image of the products working with one another.  All finished showers generally use a tile or other material to cover the Wedi® board, but this image is strictly for informational purposes to show the products working together.

Add Glass Block

Whether you have an existing home or you are building a new home, one of the most beautiful and eye catching additions you can add to your project is glass block.  Aside from the obvious color options, sizes, patterns and shapes of the block, other great features are revealed in having the blocks installed, including how strong the glass block is, how much light they provide, and the security of the glass block.    Impact resistant glass block can also lower the cost of insurance premiums and add an extra element of protection to your home.

Because glass block is part of division four, with concrete masonry units, brick and stone, you can be sure of the incredible strength of real glass block units when adding them to an exterior window of a home.  The strength comes from installing the block with support in every row, including channels and anchors.  Each glass block is 3/8 of an inch thick on each side, laid in a mortar or silicone which further adds to the durability of the glass block window or wall.  With standard sizing options being 8 inches, glass block sizes for non impact are every size within 2 inches, and with impact being available in 8 inch and 6 inch sizes.

Getting a permit to install glass block is simple, and is often a painless process.  Depending on your area, replacing an existing window with glass block, may not require a permit at all.  To add a new window of glass block, when a permit would be most likely required, is a simple application and most of the notice of approvals for top manufacturers can be found on the Glass Block Warehouse website ( or callthe office at 772-781-2383, and have your email or fax number available.  Glass Block products are generally well accepted in the building industry for having a simple process during the permitting stages and for the added protection glass block brings to a structure, versus a standard window.  Architects will agree that adding glass block will provide a new level of elegance, light and strength to any structure, while providing a beautiful center piece to any window opening.  Glass Block is one product that offers just as much safety as it does beauty, which is something to remember when building a new home or adding to an existing home.

Impact vs. Non-impact

The fundamental differences between impact and non-impact is that the thickness of a non impact glass block is 3/8 of an inch where as an impact block is 3/4 of an inch thick.  Though the topic of insurance premium adjustments is a largely argued debate, it is recommended that you contact your home owner’s insurance company to ask if impact glass block will lower your premiums and how much.  The purpose of impact block is for the block to be able to survive hurricanes and strong storms without shutters, but, additionally, it is a block that is strong enough to be hit with a golf ball, base ball or accidental flying debris with little to no damage.  The drawbacks to impact block is that it only comes in two sizes, 8 inch or 6 inch, but these are standard sizes, which are ordered more frequently than a 4 inch or other size block, and only limited patterns are available for impact, including Wave, clear, and endura™ (See images below, mouse over image to see what pattern it is).

It should be noted that the life span of glass block is a difficult question to answer, but there are structures that were built in the thirties, with glass block, that are still fully intact and look great.  The absolute best part is that glass block requires little to no maintenance and look beautiful even ten to twenty years later.

Call Glass Block Warehouse today to learn even more about glass block products, which manufacturers they carry, and get a quote for installation and/or supply as soon as possible,  772-781-2383 or stop by our showroom in 4402 SW Port Way, Palm City.  MAP

Design A Shower with Glass Block Warehouse

Redoing a bathroom?  Thinking of adding glass block to a new bathroom in your new or existing home?  No problem!  Glass Block Warehouse has a huge inventory of glass block from the most popular patterns to the hard to find, and of course the present trend of colored glass blocks.  The look of glass block in a bathroom adds a vivid light structure that gives your Florida home some style and makes your bathroom both inviting and gorgeous.  The light that comes through a regular window is not obscured and is often too much, hence the need for blinds, but glass block obscures the light in such a way that it is warm and controlled by the design of the glass brick.  The result of this light giving block is phenomenal and creates a whole new look within your bathroom.

Ways to Use Glass Block in your Bathroom

One way to add the light of Glass Block to your bathroom is to add a glass block wall.  This wall will barricade the water of the shower from coming out of the shower and soaking the floor, plus you can get very creative with the look of the wall as far as color, height and shape is concerned.

Another way to add glass block to a bathroom is to replace a window opening, or exterior opening, with one of the privacy glass blocks.  This will show your neighbors a beautiful window of patterned, elegant glass block while providing privacy to the bathroom occupant.

To get more information call 772-781-2383 or visit our showroom at 4402 SW Port Way, Palm City, FL 34990.  To view more pictures of shower walls and exterior windows, click here.

Energy Saving Glass Block

Many know glass block, also known as glass brick or glass masonry, as being ravishingly stunning in any room of a home.  Most commonly used as an exterior window or a shower enclosure, glass block offers a source of natural light to a room while creating an air tight seal, similar to that of a concrete masonry block (unit) used in the construction of a home or building.  Masonry has been a trusted division in the construction industry for it’s innovation and durable qualities in the production of new structures, and glass block falls into the same division as concrete masonry on architectural plans and blue prints.

Though glass block is a universal product, as far as what projects can make use of the product, but many don’t realize the energy saving qualities of glass block are quite remarkable.  The theme of the day is energy conservation and how to be more green.  There are several types of glass block that are constructed with this knowledge in mind, and the unused raw materials that are left over in production of one block are stream-lined to the next block to conserve materials for more efficient construction of the next product.

Although there isn’t a list of reasons that glass block will save its home owners on energy, the reasons that are in place are significant in providing customers a small dose of green efficiency, while adding style and extra natural light to a home.  Since recent events have made glass block a more “in demand” product, more information about the energy saving qualities of glass block should be released to keep up with the public demand for energy conservation.  The hope of glass block masons are to have even more qualities for energy conservation and a valid, up to date energy report for the real glass block products.

Stone Division Takes Off….

Having spent the last 9 years in Stuart, Glass Block Warehouse has grown from a relatively small supplier and installer of glass block and glass block products,  into a well established, well respected company enjoying relationships with over 2500 builders in Florida.  Whether performing large commercial projects, new construction or remodeling, Glass Block Warehouse has truly established themselves as the “one stop shop for glass block.”

Glass Block in Bathroom

While glass block continues to be a beautiful way to enhance any project, “the time was right to research and explore new and complimentary products to add to our existing line of glass blocks,” says Ron Mayer, the companies owner, and so “Solutions in Stone,” a division of Glass Block Warehouse, was formed.

The first new products to be introduced through Solutions in Stone were the stone and brick veneer.  “Since we are a masonry company, the stone and brick veneer are a natural fit for us,” said Mr. Mayer.  Solutions in Stone carries full lines of stone and brick veneer products by most major manufacturers, and has recently been awarded an area distributorship with Centurion Stone®.

solutions in stone logo

Whether interested in purchasing large or small quantities for consumption, or looking for professional installation, Solutions in Stone offers full service on all of our stone & brick veneer products, and with a combination of over 100 collective years of masonry experience between our crews, you are sure to receive product information and extensive knowledge by our staff.  Additionally, we carry all necessary licensing and insurance required for professional installation for both residential and commercial projects.

The second new product line that we literally “stumbled upon” according to Mr. Mayer, is our Shirestone© custom, poured on site, concrete composite countertops.  Voted number three of the top twenty-five new products for 2006, Shirestone© is a multi-use versatile product, perfect for new construction, remodeling and/or commercial applications.

Each countertop is handcrafted using a proprietary formula to create a durable yet lightweight, solid surface.  Most projects are poured on site providing a seamless surface while assuring a perfect fit.  Each countertop is custom stained using a variety of colors and custom techniques.  A superior high strength coating is used to seal the tops leaving a virtually maintenance free finish.  This precise and intricate process assures that each countertop is unique and complimentary to its environment and leaves behind a one of a kind showpiece.

exterior stone veneer

Whether looking for a rustic Tuscan feel, or a sleek high gloss contemporary finish, these unique countertops offer a variety of style, color, texture and finish to compliment almost any design theme.

The benefits to using Shirestone© are custom color; whether matching an existing color theme or creating a new and exotic look, the ability to customize the color on each project allows for adaptability and creativity while creating a completely unique look.  The custom edging ranges from simple straight lines to rounded corners; or, more intricate designs such as triple bull nosed edged or hand chiseled finish.  Custom poured backsplashes can be formed to give a tiled look, a rough rock finish, or a simple sleek look to match the poured surface of the counter tops.  Since the product is poured and hand toweled into place, the surface texture can be modified to resemble a rough rock like finish, or a soft smooth stone finish, or somewhere in between.

The tops can be accentuated with custom back-splashes and decorative wall pieces.  Creative design elements such as slate, tile or metal can be incorporated into the surface.  Additionally, accent pieces such as medallions, decorative tiles, mementos, crests and logos can be in-laid into the surface creating a one of a kind look.

Designer Counter tops

Durable yet lightweight, these counter tops are perfect for residential and commercial applications as well as outdoor kitchens and bars.  These unique counter tops are non porous and resistant to stain; heat resistant and food safe; and can be placed over existing surfaces such as formica, making them ideal for remodel projects.

Shirestone around bath tub

Knowledge of product, reliable service and top quality products are what our customers have grown accustomed to Glass Block Warehouse, with the introduction of our stone division, Solutions in Stone, the owners and staff are proud to uphold the tradition of quality service started with Glass Block Warehouse.

If you would like further information on any of our exciting new products, or our complete line of glass block products, feel free to call toll free at (866) 862-6678; check us out at;  or stop in to our new location:  4402 SW Port Way, Palm City, (Sands Commerce Center).